VM022 Released April, 2019

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‘Alex McCartney has again presented a most notable CD! “The Scot with the lute” has, once again, hit the right note.’
– Guitarre & Laute

‘McCartney focuses mainly on Paladin’s fantasias (though other bits and pieces are included as well), navigating these complex works with ease. That’s particularly impressive given the demands of Paladin’s intabulations, which ascend to the lute’s high body frets (the lute equivalent of a violinist going off the end of the fingerboard). Overall, a sympathetic recording of a composer who deserves to be better known.’
– Limelight Magazine, Paul Ballam-Cross

‘Indeed, the disc comes across as very contemplative. The playing is smooth, poised, and well balanced… his disc offers a meditative escape using Paladin’s soothing and exquisite counterpoint.’
– The Whole Note, Lucas Harris

‘Alex McCartney’s playing is reflective and sensitive, creating a magical world of sound.’
– Early Music Reviews +, Andrew Benson-Wilson

‘These fantasias, particularly the one drawing on the Rore madrigal are full of beautiful lines and invention, and placing the relatively ‘true’ transcription next to Paladin’s imitation fantasias allows McCartney to demonstrate the fluidity of Paladin’s own writing for the instrument, as well as his own deft touch and ability to bring out the singing lines of this delicate music. Another delightful disc from McCartney, well worth exploring.’
– Classical Notes, Nick Boston

‘[We] are drawn into a refined and beautiful sound world of contemplation… [McCartney’s] playing is so clean and clear and the sound so enchanting that everything seems just right… The [sound] recording is excellent too.’
– Lute News, John Reeve

Recorded in The Unitarian Chapel, York by Joseph Chesshyre
Produced by Alex McCartney
Mastered by Alex McCartney