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As a special treat for lovers of the Renaissance era we’re offering our latest lute CD at the discounted rate of £5 (saving £7!) plus postage. You can find the CD tracklisting and rear inlay here.

Elizabeth’s Lutes

Reviews for Alex McCartney

“I have greatly enjoyed Alex McCartney’s playing … with his lightness of touch and sustained grace”
Margaret Rees, The Consort

“McCartney’s interpretation of this reflective music is stylish and sublime.”
Kate Benessa, LSA

“[A]n enchanting collection of fine performances of lute repertoire from a number of composers from the time of the court of Elizabeth I. Very enjoyable.”
Lark Reviews

“According to the programme notes, these pieces are notoriously tricky to play, although I wouldn’t have noticed that from Alex McCartney’s assured performance here. … Alex McCartney’s playing is sensitive and musical, and the recording picks up the sound of the lute very well.”
Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews

“… the CD is a real pleasure to listen to and Alex McCartney shows he is a very good lutenist which one has a desire to hear more from.” Jean-Luc Bresson, SFL (Translated from the French)